Information and prices

How I work

I work with individuals on either a short term basis (approximately 6-12 sessions) or in an open ended way (ongoing therapy with no time limit). I also counsel couples.Short term work requires more focused therapy due to the time restraints.

Open ended therapy provides clients with a regular timeslot to work at a pace to suit the client. Therapy may involve exploring issues or concerns causing distress. It is a useful tool for self exploration, personal growth and development. Many clients attend regularly to learn about themselves and have no particular concern or issue.

I am flexible to work with what is most helpful for the client, and can also offer a Skype counselling service if required.



Individuals - I charge £45.00 per session, I recommend we start with an initial consultation where I will explain how we will work.

Couples - I charge £60.00 per session.


Initial assessments are charged at the rates shown above and offer the chance to see if we will be suited to work together.

What is counselling?

Counselling is provided in a peaceful and comfortable setting and is completely confidential and non judgmental.
The counsellor and client work together to look at issues and anxieties which are troubling the client and causing distress.
Counselling can help you to feel less alone and provide a safe place to talk.
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